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Every child possesses the potential to become a skilled and confident athlete.

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We are FITBASKKET, an academy designed for kids to improve their basketball skills. If you dream of playing basketball in College, we can help! Our coaches are experienced and ready to teach you, ball handling, shooting, and physical and mental preparation.

Our team

Coach Hector “Pepito”

Former International Basketball Player

Coach Oscar

Former NBA Player


Fitbaskket Basketball Academy programs run all year round.
The programs are offered by group ages. In one group we train boys and girls 5 to 11 years old (1st to 7th grade). The second group is for boys and girls 12 years and older (8th to 12th grade)

“I worked hard to develop my skills on the court and outside it. Thanks to Basketball I grew as a person and athlete. I received a scholarship from one of the most prestigious universities in the US. I represented my country in international competitions and traveled around the world! All thanks to that little ball that has bounced since I was nine years old! Now, in this stage of my career, I would pass on my knowledge and experiences to the youngest so that they can also reach their goals and fulfill their dreams like I did.”

Hector “Pepito” Romero.


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