Our coaches Hector and Oscar.

Hector “Pepito” Romero

Romero is a notable Venezuelan professional basketball player who has a legacy in the sport. He is widely recognized for his outstanding career, during which, he has represented Venezuela on international stages — earning respect for his skills and dedication to the game.

Hector “Pepito” Romero, hailing from Venezuela, has achieved prominence as a professional basketball player. With an impressive track record, he has become a celebrated figure in Venezuelan basketball history —known for his exceptional talent and commitment to the sport.

Romero began his professional career in Venezuela in 1996 with more than 20 years of experience in Professional Basketball. His career began in Venezuela in the Professional League. Next, he played in the USA in NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball. He was applauded as an All-America Honorable Mention by The Associated Press. Subsequently, Hector played in several leagues in Europe, among which he stood out as Champion of the Italy League. Romero earned remarkable awards during his career, such as Newcomer of the Year, Most Valuable Player, and Athlete of the Year, along with others.

Venezuelan basketball has significantly been influenced by the presence of Hector “Pepito” Romero, a seasoned professional player. His remarkable career has not only showcased his skills but also inspired aspiring basketball players in Venezuela, cementing his status as a respected and influential figure in the country’s basketball scene.

Oscar Torres

The authentic story of Oscar, a professional basketball player from Venezuela, is a compelling narrative of dedication and perseverance. Born and raised in Venezuela, Oscar’s journey to success in the basketball world is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the sport.

Oscar’s real-life journey as a Venezuelan professional basketball player is an inspiring story of overcoming challenges and pursuing one’s dreams. Growing up in Venezuela, he faced numerous obstacles, but his determination and passion for the game propelled him toward a successful basketball career.

Torres became the first Venezuelan-born player in NBA history, when he signed with the Houston Rockets, for the 2001–02 NBA season. Torres averaged 6.0 points throughout the season, and scored an NBA career-high 28 points against the Cleveland Cavaliers, on December 11, 2001. He spent the next season with the Golden State Warriors and averaged 3.1 points per game.

Oscar has a remarkable story of talent and hard work. From his early days playing basketball on the streets of Venezuela, to achieving professional success, his story showcases the resilience and dedication that have made him a true inspiration in the world of sports.


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